Agricultural Colleges - International

In the agricultural school room, our experience has engaged us with projects in other countries as well, unearthing the innovative South American based Foundacion Paraguaya, its flagship a leading Agricultural School model that has also made itself fully sustainable, while educating their students and providing them with a full understanding of all the aspects of entrepreneurship as well.

For the full story of Foundacion Paraguaya, click here.


Another wonderful school that we have worked with includes the holistically run school Fundacion Origen based in Pirque near Santiago in Chile, and TSF is delighted to have gained from the lessons learned at Fundacion Origen - a non-profit institution whose mission is to improve the quality of education, provide technical training, and to promote sustainable and community oriented development from a holistic perspective.

Spirituality, autonomy and responsibility make up the basis of its teaching, and are some of the core reasons for its success. Our involvement with the school has seen the funding of a project which will enable the valuable lessons learnt to be shared with other similar entities worldwide.