As part of our aspiration to enable individuals within communities, looking for answers and insights in the Global North and the Global South, TSF also supports SIGNAL in the UK, another enabling institution that utilises the Stoplight Tool to activate shifts within the realm of poverty and ultimately self-management of individuals.

SIGNAL is a metric and a methodology to enable households to assess their level of poverty and to carry out personalised strategies to overcome their specific deprivations and is part of a global Stoplight Movement. SIGNAL understand that traditional ‘scale up’ does not work within our marketplace. By developing committed fans who understand the magic of SIGNAL, they utilise their passion for a people centred approach to Poverty elimination, utilising their private connections to grow SIGNAL’S impact i.e. to ensure ‘everyone has a right to fulfil their potential’.

Our role is to assist the SIGNAL team tool to help build a new paradigm in the UK that engages the millions of people who are looking for guidance and assistance, that will also transform the institutions that serve them and in the future look to harness, rather than squander, their untapped human potential.

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