The Saville Foundation


In this increasingly challenging and unpredictable world where the needs and perspectives of all citizens must be taken into account, there is a non-negotiable shift required when implementing meaningful change to education and community development initiatives.

As an active and mobile Private Foundation working within projects and programs across many sectors, our emphasis on engaging only where we find truly consequential alternatives is increasing annually.

As a result, we seek out and engage with projects or institutions that provide innovative and appropriate solutions to current challenges in education, entrepreneurship and community development. Where possible, we look for replicable initiatives that will activate meaningful solutions to existing problems/challenges - or at the very least provide serious alternatives to existing paradigms as many of the current systems do not meet the requirements of this era.

Vital to ensuring appropriate change is the need to observe and listen carefully to what is really required, as well as to ensure the Individual Empowerment of everybody within projects we engage in.

And critical to supporting this change is the promotion of heightened Awareness and Conscious actions on the part of all role-players of the need to change out-dated systems and ineffective concepts - including Philanthropists, Corporates and Government - with a focus on instigating new approaches to donor participation, as the current models of funding and support often do not achieve effective or lasting change.