From a historical perspective, TSF has always been involved in education, starting at CIDA City Campus in the ‘90’s where we supplied this innovative institution with start-up capital as well as funds for one of their first campus buildings.
One of our most effective engagements has been at the University of Cape Town (UCT), where we have strongly support a Student Development Initiative called EDU in the Commerce Faculty. This is now a very successful initiative providing well-rounded students who are mentored and supported closely throughout their journey.
And following on from our initial support of EDU within the UCT Commerce Faculty, the focus of this engagement has broadened to share lessons learned, with national and international connectivity to share and discuss methodologies and lessons learnt now underway.
Our support and on-going engagement with the innovative Maharishi Institute which produces aware consequent students continues to excite us. The core of the school is based on CBE (Consciousness Based Education), and the calibre and commitment of the students there has to be seen to be believed. The Institute is now expanding its reach into the KZN region of South Africa via its second campus – with a macro long-term goal to replicate the model in major cities all over Africa.