Volunteer Opportunities

Part of The Saville Foundation’s focus and support of education is to combine financial support with knowledge and skills sharing, with an underlying intention to improve the lives of others through education in all its forms.
As a result, we have extended our assistance to the institutions and projects we support by seeking and matching volunteers wishing to make a difference, experience new cultures and travel - by initiating and managing www.voluntourSouthAfrica.com, a web site dedicated to creating opportunities for people from around the world to engage and contribute their skills and time to projects and people who need assistance.
Volunteering ranges from sharing knowledge on gardening, construction or farming projects to teaching mathematics or English in a rural South African school.
Some of the volunteer opportunities require specific skills such as assistant teaching for 3 to 6 months, while others are less structured and may require an open mind and willingness to structure your own educational program e.g. craft making, health awareness or music training.
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