Who We Are

We are a private philanthropic Foundation that holds a deep love for humanity and understands that current socio- and economic systems must be fundamentally transformed to ensure the well-being of all. We hold the firm belief that we, as humanity, have the ability and responsibility to create a world of equal opportunity and fulfillment, enabling personal and financial abilities that will at the very least provide for basic necessities for their families.

We believe it is time to completely rethink how we engage in education and community development – and how we do business – as current models do not respect or encourage the idea of individual expression, freedom and abundance.

After many years of conscious philanthropy The Saville Foundation has a lot of valuable insights to share with the world. We have become ambassadors for positive social change, and support and promote initiatives that amplify and deliver new paradigms within our socio- and economic systems.

As supporters of education and entrepreneurship, we operate across multiple sectors internationally, always from a unique place of receptivity. In all we do, we look to be humble, mindful, flexible and ready to evolve and adapt, listening deeply to what is actually required – always trying to provide unencumbered honest feedback and guidance.