As a foundation that has engaged in and supported game-changing initiatives since the turn of the century, we are now looking to create meaningful impact more widely, actively accelerating this through our twin pillars of philanthropy and corporate business.

The imperative to shift dynamics and paradigms is way beyond urgent. And to deliver to that will require both wide cooperation and a deep focus on what’s truly required in each instance, and make sure we include each individual in each system.

Too often in development and philanthropy, we get side-tracked by our own belief systems, training and offerings - or by the appeal of a quick fix through technology or other approaches or ‘interventions’ that we feel will resolve challenges. We need to guard against this, and look to engage, listen and respond more carefully to make any meaningful progress.

In all cases we ensure that the beneficiaries or individuals within each initiative that can activate necessary social change are also present, and their input clearly heard and assimilated.

To supplement this, we have connected to or have become part of appropriate networks, at the same time identifying and creating eco-systems where role-players openly share knowledge and insights. Where possible we partner to provide more support for appropriate solutions that are achieving impact or where systems change is taking place.


The next 10 years are critical for the future of humankind, and particularly with regard to delivering on our most existential social problems. And whether on education, poverty eradication, climate change, the health of societies across the globe, or inequality and human rights, we will see if the decisions we made today made a difference. And Philanthropy has a major role to play.

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Every day companies are joining the growing number of organizations committing to positive change locally, socially, and globally. In order to achieve these goals, we believe businesses need to go BEYOND ESG strategies as part of their mandates, and implement more corporate social responsibility programs aimed at aligning these values with their daily operations.

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