Education Initiatives

Education is in crisis! Youth unemployment and critical skills shortages in the job markets point towards social and economic distress with many individuals lacking a belief in a prosperous future. Worldwide, young people are three times more likely than their parents to be out of work, and Governments are struggling to develop effective solutions to a rapidly changing economic environment.

In order to inspire fresh thinking and activate real change The Saville Foundation looks for 21st century education methodologies that are financially innovative and experientially sound. We invest and support education networks that reignite creativity, awaken thinking, build interiority - and apply mindfulness together with practical experiential opportunities.

We believe that extraordinary change requires extraordinary people, and understand that the opportunities for real change arise through education initiatives that build self-reliance and inspired leadership from within. The youth are a powerful source of human capital for the country provided they are given a loving, creative and stimulating environment in which to thrive. As a foundation we make strategic investments in developing human potential across the education spectrum always supporting an 'inside out' approach.

Starting with Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a foundation for change, moving into the public-school arena, where we believe the diversity creates powerful leaders of the future, through to tertiary where we are champions for sustainable learn by doing models that offer real work experience alongside theoretical study.

We develop deep relationships with all our partners across the education sectors ECD, Schools and Universities. Choosing to support teachers, subject advisors, students and principals though non-profits changemakers such as TLT, Teach A Man To Fish, TSF Connect, and policy makers all the while encouraging self-development, mindfulness and a belief in one's own transformative goals via organisations such as The Maharishi Institute and ISFAP.