Early Childhood Development

In line with our clear goal to positively impact the lives of future generations, our engagement in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector has been guided by the fact that in order to build self-belief, self-reliance and independent thinking in people, it is crucial to start interacting creatively with children at an early phase of development.

In this vital sector, we engage with national ECD forums (like the recent Think Future) and other foundations that focus on this area, with exciting development's and partnerships already in place. Partners in this space include:

IThemba Projects
The Birches Pre-Primary
Noah's Ark
Nella Pella

Since its inception The Saville Foundation has been involved in education, starting at CIDA City Campus in the late 1990’s, supporting them with funds for one of their first campus buildings.

In the field of Schools and Tertiary Education our main focus is on supporting the crucial sector of Public Schools. Beyond that our work within the tertiary sector ranges from our collaboration with the innovative Maharishi Institute in South Africa to our engagement in the sustainable San Francisco Agri-School in Paraguay. We also play a vital role within ISFAP, an initiative mandated by the Minister of Education addressing the ‘Missing Middle Students’ in South Africa.

Partners and Initiatives:

Public Schools
Maharishi Institute
ISFAP (National Student Funding Program)
Sustainable Enterprise Colleges
Competitions & Global Initiatives

Social change starts with individual action and self-belief. To this end The Saville Foundation supports initiatives that mobilise individuals to realise their strengths and ideally activate enterprise thinking.

We also believe enterprise development and interactive learning of the full cycle of business from a young age is an essential platform for a thriving society.

To support this, The Saville Foundation funds enterprise centred competitions such as The School Enterprise Challenge and The Pan African Awards, which inspire individuals to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs and excited co-creators with practical experience and boosted self-confidence.

Partners and Initiatives:

Poverty Stoplight
Voluntour South Africa
Micro Franchising (pdf)
Fundación Origen
Education that pays for itself Conferences
School Enterprise Challenge
Pan African Awards