Imagine a school where parents handpick their child's education.
Imagine a different education system altogether.

EEQU is an education platform that is linked to the TSF eco-system that connects skilled and passionate people in the community to curious children who are self-directed in their learning. EEQU’S online platform parents and mentors are matched to create a conduit for learning that is focused on developing what is 'uniquely human', and what cannot be done by 'machines'.

EEQU’S platform co-ordinate’s offline learning that brings together parents and mentors to provide unique learning via a technology platform, that enables each child to imagine and co-create the learning journey of their dreams. EEQU is a portal to a boundless world of potential mentors in every community.

Anyone can become mentor. It is a place for parents, grandparents, artists, musicians, crafts people and sports people. It is a place for professional teachers, small businesses and micro schools. EEQU experiences are activities, projects and tutorials that are provided by local people who have a skill or passion to share with a child.

EEQU’s mission is to make it possible for people to both find and offer learning experiences outside of large centralised institutions, and to make it possible for people to share their skills, passions and life experiences, creating new teachers, new income and enriching the learning environment. The peer to peer mechanism strengthens ties within a community, creates a circular economy and builds the emotional and social life of its participants.

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