Future Farmers Foundation

FFF is a small dedicated foundation that provides a platform from which young men and women in agriculture and farming in general can become successful commercial farm managers or farmers in their own right. Their goal is to provide opportunities for young people who are passionate about farming and who come from situations where there is no access to further study - or for graduates with little or no practical experience to earn and learn about farming to gain access to practical training and experience on farms in a "earn as you learn" environment.

FFF assist people to find positions of farms, and provide support and soft skill training, with those who qualify being sent on overseas internships. Upon returning, farmers are able to appoint Future Farmers to top positions, and Future Farmers are setting examples to other young people who are starting to see farming as an honourable profession. They cover a wide range of sectors within farming, with some young people also having their own businesses.

There are new opportunities (such as flying drones) emerging which enable Future Farmers to be on the cutting edge of technical developments in agriculture. In addition, Future Farmers who are earning meaningful salaries are able to provide their children with high quality education, and what they are learning today will impact future generations as a result.

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