Food Ladder

As an initiative that has been part of the TSF eco-system for almost a decade, since its inception Food Ladder has been developing local entrepreneurs in their own underserved communities to build social enterprises that drive economic development and create outcomes across employment, health and education. The organisation places the control of food production into the hands of the communities who govern and run the enterprise with full support and guidance from Food Ladder, until they are fully equipped and comfortable to run a successful social enterprise wholly independently. The program is a scalable solution to food security that can be implemented anywhere in the world.

While the projects are owned and operated by the remote communities themselves, Food Ladder provide ongoing, free support and resources. Expanding this expert horticultural and social enterprise development support, has been the primary focus since 2020.

Food Ladder will also be launching the Food Ladder Online Platform later this year. Assisted by Tata Consulting Group after winning their Community Innovation Program, it has been designed to deliver localised, icon-based tools to further support communities grow their own food (be it through a school program, greenhouse or wild harvest) and enterprise ongoing, and Food Ladder see this as a substantial opportunity to be able to grow their proven model considerably around the world.

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