Within TSF, our intentions as a Foundation are to always look for initiatives that activate and strengthen the resilience of individuals across the spectrum, while at the same time encourage the shifts required within education, development, and philanthropy through the lessons we learn. To do so, we connect with and pay attention to the insights of practitioners who are working with individuals and the actual challenges on the ground, always without our own lenses or objectives driving the engagements. Importantly, we form strategic partnerships with these practitioners for meaningful lengths of time to help ensure their success and impact.

In each of the initiatives we support, the practitioners have created responses to deep challenges in their realm of focus, and in all cases, they involve the activation and support of the people in their field of work. Working with individuals, scholars, students or communities, their success has been due to their focus on the people themselves, and how they can be guided, strengthened and supported to achieve their goals or change their own lives.

The bottom line is that it's not going to be about technology or AI, terms like systems change, or cleverly crafted financial mechanisms like social impact investments that are going to solve societies most pressing challenges. What it's actually all about is meeting people where they are at, and supporting their sense of Self and their will to act and respond positively to life's challenges, in order for them each to be uniquely successful in their respective lives.

Superb examples in our eco-system of activating individuals and building resilience are: The Maharishi Institute, The Clothing Bank, The Greenlight Office, Signal UK, Future Farmers Foundation and The COVA Project.

The Maharishi Institute
The Clothing Bank
The Greenlight Office
Future Farmers Foundation
The COVA Project