Despite the enormous amount of funds spent on infrastructure and development globally, with many more billions allocated and available through philanthropy and governmental development agencies, the deep challenges within society remain largely unaltered, and in fact seem to be worsening everywhere.

What we have witnessed is that the methods used to enable individuals, education institutions and communities are often out of touch and unrealistic - even many times unsympathetic to the actual needs of each situation. In our experience, the sector focuses almost entirely on the gathering of data to drive strategic “interventions” into schools or other programmes - and in our view it is not data, more STEM teaching, innovative systems or technology that will change anything sufficiently.

It is about people, how their needs are met and how they are listened too. What they really need. Not what WE think they need. We need to focus on how individuals are fed physically and mentally - meeting them with love and understanding – for any meaningful shift to occur.

As a result, our aim is to raise awareness of the urgent need for completely new paradigms and approaches to education, community development and business.

And as children are the adults of tomorrow, it is clear that this work begins in our education systems. The youth are the most powerful source of human capital in any country, provided they are given a loving, creative and stimulating environment in which to thrive. In the words of the late Sir Ken Robinson, this means we need to have a culture of collaboration, compassion, empathy, and the valuing of individuals.

To support this, we make strategic investments in initiatives that develop and nurture human potential across a broad education spectrum (early child development to tertiary education and beyond).

We love genuinely relevant education initiatives that build self-reliance, self-confidence, and creative initiative from within the individual and ultimately the community. We support partnerships that contribute to building a happier society of fully realized citizens. This only happens through nurturing and augmenting the ability of people to unearth and manifest their full potential and passion.