Encouraging Partnerships

As a foundation we engage in and support game-changing projects and seek to make meaningful impact at scale. To accelerate this we promote the concept of Philanthropy and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) teaming up, to share knowledge and insights in supporting solutions that provide necessary social change – which municipalities and governments can ultimately take on and spread.

Due to the pioneering nature of our work, we commit long term to partners across the spectrum to break through outdated belief systems, supporting the creation of wholesome new approaches and solutions. We already have many exciting partnerships with NGO’s as well as other philanthropists and corporates, that can accelerate this change.

Going forward, our intention is to bring more awareness to the urgent need for change, encouraging wide collaboration to bring forth the required transformation in education, community development and business on a macro level.  

  • ICM Foundation
  • Teach a Man to Fish
  • Fundación Paraguaya
  • The Clothing Bank
  • Future Farmers Foundation
  • Poverty Stoplight