Philanthropy is the love of humanity - love in the sense of "caring for, nourishing, developing and enhancing human potential". This is at the core of our approach, which is based on love, care and commitment, enabling individuals and communities to activate positive change within themselves and in the world.

Most of our current socio and economic systems are outdated and do not serve nor support the overall well-being, freedom and joyful expression of all of humanity. The Saville Foundation looks to support and co-create enabling and lasting changes that honour and nurture each individual's passion and potential - working from THE INSIDE-OUT- bringing back the common sense that personal well-being is directly linked to society's well-being and vice versa.

Our work to date has clearly shown that these shifts can only come from within each individual or group, and not from external inputs which generally cause on-going dependency and unhealthy power-dynamics.

This is why, in all cases, we do not bring answers or solutions, but rather unearth and evolve them together with the partners we are working with. We promote the thrill of innovation and the need for self-empowerment, while seeding the entrepreneurial mindset. Where possible we advocate sustainability in education, which can also contribute to meaningful job creation, personal fulfillment and self-sufficiency in the long term.

And to truly activate change, for us, it’s all about Thinking New Thoughts.

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