In the last two decades, The Saville Foundation has worked with NGO’s from all over the globe to find models and approaches that can activate meaningful and healthy change within individuals and institutions. We engage long term with the most effective organizations, and support talented and committed change-makers from a number of countries and sectors including:

The Clothing Bank (pdf)
Hende Wayela (pdf)
Fundación Paraguaya
Future Farmers Foundation

Conscious philanthropy has the ability to promote and advance healthy socio- economic landscapes on a wide-reaching macro scale. To facilitate this effectively, building strong collaborations between like-minded organisations is paramount.

As a result, The Saville Foundation has a number of partnerships in place, and is also an active role-player on corporate and philanthropic forums. We understand the importance of building mutually valuable collaborations and wide networks, and we effectively explore innovative partnerships and interaction across multiple sectors.

Independent Philanthropy Association of SA
Conscious Philanthropy (pdf)
Poverty Stoplight Office with DGMT (pdf)

The geopolitical and economic make-up of the world has changed significantly, humanity is at a critical crossroad and the necessity for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is becoming more important. In addition, companies are socially and in some cases legislatively required to support and invest in social change that leads to personal and collective well-being, and so more and more organisations are seeking initiatives which meet these requirements. The Saville Foundation has many years of experience in this field and looks to initiate partnerships that will help transform the socio-economic status quo.

Holistic BBBEE (pdf)
Conscious Capitalism (pdf)
ICM Limited