As a Foundation, one of our initial focus areas was that of Public Schools, as our belief is that resilient schools that are strengthened financially, are transparent, open to adapting to the times, and willing to share lessons and challenges with mindfulness, will result in the next generation of awakened leaders.

We firmly believe that these schools can elevate the entire education system, developing teachers who understand how to guide and learners who are able to perform well at university or in the wider world of business and life in general.

Historically our main focus is in South Africa where we have been providing scholarships and bursaries to a number of the leading public schools for over two decades. As part of our engagement, we also assist schools strategically regarding improved governance and structures, including the establishment of appropriate strategic endowments or BBBEE entities, with a view to enabling and improving fund raising via of old Boy networks for financial and moral support.

We also support this crucial sector of Public Schools through appropriate partners and initiatives that offer additional elements of mentorship, student guidance and entrepreneurship. These include Tomorrows Leaders in Training (TLT), School Enterprise Challenge (SEC), and our alumni forum TSF Connect.

Strengthening Public Schools

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Tomorrows Leaders in Training

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Entrepreneurship in Schools

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