In our quest to contribute to the need for global socio-economic challenges to be met, we value the development of independent thinking which requires a radically different approach to education. This is why education is at the core of the work we engage in, and we work across the spectrum from early childhood development to tertiary level.

Aligned with this approach we discover what change may be required within a particular sector, institution or community. We then collaborate with and support the practitioners or individuals in-situ to co-create and implement change effectively on the ground. We partner long term and our role ranges from strategic, practical or financial support as required by each entity.

In our work over the years, besides the interior work of building individuals from the Inside Out, we have seen that an ideal platform for building independent change-makers is the understanding and experience of enterprise and, most importantly, entrepreneurship.

Ideally, the practitioner-changemaker we partner with educates via live experiences or businesses to enable students or individuals to live through the full cycle of business - or the experience being offered - to be able to gain a more realistic understanding of the realities of life and work in today’s world. To meet this requirement, one of the flagship initiatives we are now in our second decade of supporting is The School Enterprise Challenge, an international business program for schools, now in over one hundred countries and over five thousand schools worldwide.

Other core changemakers that we believe embody the full spectrum of individual support include: The Greenlight Office, SIGNAL, TLT, Future Farmers Foundation, The Maharishi Institute, GROW ECD and EEQU.

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