Zamani Project

The Zamani Project is a research group at the University of Cape Town, which aims to capture 3D spatial information of tangible cultural heritage sites across Africa and other parts of the world. Based on field campaigns and complex in-house processing, the team creates data sets that serve as permanent digital records for future generations.

Digital collections of spatial data from African cultural heritage sites have become especially relevant in the context of ever-increasing man-made and natural threats such as climate change/sea-level rising, natural disasters, vandalism and wilful destruction, cultural terrorism, wars, mis-management of mass tourism, mining, construction of dams and the ravages of time. Thus historical, archaeological, cultural and anthropological information contained in cultural heritage sites is in danger of being lost.

To date, the Zamani Project has completed the documentation of some 65 heritage sites in 18 countries across Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. At these sites, more than 250 structures have been documented.

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